Opening Our Minds to God's Word

A Novel



    1. Eloha’s Visit To Planet Earth – Yeshua’s Awakening Dreams
    2. A Hunger To Know
    3. A Dire Predicament

    4. Miracle Birth

    5. Flight For Life

    6. Mystery Of The Holy Days

    7. Everywhere New Sects

    8. No Turning Back

    9. Performing Miraculous Things

    10. Why Speak In Parables?

    11. They Worship In Vain

    12. Resurrections, Millennium And Beyond

    13. Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

    14. Let’s Get On With It

    15. Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

    16. Where Do We Go From Here?

    17. Spiritual Awakening
     18. A Great New Age  

    An 18 chapter novel by Rhoda Foust

    The story begins with Yeshua (Jesus) as he lived from infancy through adulthood, including family and friends. Details are based on the Bible (KJ) events, with practical imaginary narrative filled in for story flow. For instance:

  • What was Maria’s parents’ response when she told them she was pregnant by the Spirit of the Almighty?  
  • Or, how many days did Maria and Yowceph travel to find Yeshua, age twelve years old, and what was their response?
  • How did young, pregnant Maria travel over fifty miles from her town to visit cousin Elizabeth‘s home, etc?

Very, very, special thanks and appreciation goes out to my past minister, Garvin Green, who so graciously helped me write this book by critiquing each chapter as they were written, and to Glenn Seiders and wife, Susan, who are helping to put it on this web site. 

My goal for writing this novel is that I truly hope that everyone who reads this Novel will be inspired to better know and love our Savior more intimately.

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