Opening Our Minds to God's Word

List of Studies

A Closer Look at the Almighty we call GOD

A Dialog on Prophecy 2014
A Higher Understanding

A Letter of Introduction  About Us----- 9/2013
A Little Deceit
A Puzzle of Mysteries -The Bible 
About angels and demons
About Being Holy
About Celebrating Birthdays

About God’s 7 Holy Days 
About Names Of Months And Days
About Valentine's Day

Adoption, Elect, and Remnant
All  About God's Calendar 
America the Target of Terrorists
An Attitude called Satan
Answers on law
Are Christians Required To Keep Holy Days?
Are You Tithing?
Atonement, Day Of Fasting

Babylon and the Changes
Babylon Fountain of Error    
Babylon Religious Confusion         
Back Row - Alan Ruth
Be Honest                                           
Bible Que and Answers                   
Building God's Temple

Called To Be Like Jesus                          
Church Organizations
Churches Of Revelation 1 of 2
Churches Of Revelation 2 of 2
Come Out Of Her My People
Common Sense                       
Copy,Paste and Print Parable
Correspondent of the Past               
Could Jesus have Sinned? Letter to Minister
Crucifixion Events in Order

Day of Atonement
Dialog on keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days 
Disagreeable Ministers                     
Discovering Awesome Special Events           
Discussing Repentance                     
Do You Know? SURPRISE, SURPRISE! From The Bible
Do Your Own Studies
Does God Care What You Eat?
Does God Kill People?                 

Events To Take Place Before Christ Returns

Exposing Jehovah Witness Church
Exposing Jewish Traditions

False Religious Leaders
Feast of Trumpets
For Getter Be (I Forgot)?          
Fullness of the Gentiles
Future Events You Never Heard

Getting to Know God
God's Answer to Ronnie -Cancer Free!
-Ronnie's Prostate Cancer Ordeal                 
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    Update on Ronnie 8-1-2013
    Update on Ronnie 9-1-2014
    Update on Ronnie 12/2015 
    Update on Ronnie 11/2016       
God Instructs Israel Build New City
God Is 

God's Benchmark 2014
God's Definition of Love
God’s Name
God's True Churches
God's Unchanging Plan 
Good Bye Facebook Friends            
Grace Versus Law

Great Grand Parent Day (for Sept 8th 2013)

Hagar and Mt Sinai
Has anyone gone to Heaven
Has God Cast Away His People?         
Have the Power to Say No 
Heart and Soul intro                             
Hell - Its not what you think
Homosexual Sex
House to House
How did Jesus get to be Jesus
How God used Trumpets
How Important Is Zion (JERUSALEM) To GOD?
How Jesus Died
How Relevant Is Prophecy to Salvation
How The Apostles Died
How to Choose Life or

Idols In Our Minds
If You Can Relate To This
Importance Of Sanctification

In That Day --- What Happens and to Whom? 
Information How I Started Bible Studies         
Is God Pleased With Our Traditions?

Israelites Gentiles and the Two Witnesses
Israel's  New Everlasting  Covenant 
Is the Heart Spiritual?                                  
It's The Future: From blindness to glory

Jesus and The Word        
Judgment and Judgments
Just Questions

Latter Days
Letters From Like Minds       
Let US Learn How to Study the Bible
Listening To Jesus About Praying
Living With Parkinson's                           

Man as Head of The Woman
Many are Called Few are Chosen
Mayo Clinic Diet (Good Tidbit)
More About The Resurrections 
More Hidden Wiles of Satan     

My Mothers Eulogy...Life after death

New Beginning 2013
New Covenant to Israel
New Moon Same as Months - God's Calender 
New Testament Israel and Gentiles
No Rapture- Or Is There?
No Sin Jesus

On Paying Tithes
One God Or Many Gods?

Ordain and Laying on of Hands
Our Creed                                   
Outline of the Seven Seals

Passover or the Lord's supper

Questions and Bible Answer
Quiet Time With God

Religions are Satan's greatest tool
Revelation made Easy
Rejoice Ye Saints

Scriptures that show how much the Lord Loves us
Seven as Signs
Seven churches of Revelation  
Should We Celebrate Christmas?                  
Should We Pray To Jesus?
Size of New City of JERUSALEM
Spiritually Lazy
Still Searching Revelation
Still Looking At The Almighty We Call God
The Beast and the Harlot...One World Ruler
The Bondage Of Marriage

The Coming Tribulation and God's Wrath
The End of Time Wraths of God 
The Good And The Bad         

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread, A HOLY CONVOCATION
The Passing of Years

The Rest of the Dead - Rev. 20:5
The Seven Ages
The Novel - Behind The Scenes in the Life of Jesus
The Seven Seals
The Sixth Age

The 6th Age: The Judgment of all Peoples

The Two Babylons
TIME what is it
Travel by the Map - The Straight and Narrow
Trichinosis Can Kill You
Trinity Churches of Today

Understanding The Prophets       


We Are Spirit
We Don't Sell Anything or Ask For Money   

What About Celebrating Birthdays
What Does For Ever Really Mean
What GOD Requires of Us
What is A Believer
What is  Abominable To God
What is Funny Today                          
What is God's Name
What is Legalism
What is Missing
What is the Extent of Life
What is the Soul
What is the Unpardonable Sin

What it Means To Be Saved-Sin 
What the Bible Says About Tithing?             

When Are We Born Again?
Where Did The Christmas Tree Come From?
Where is Israel Today
Who Are the First and the Last
Who Are the Nicolaitans
Who Are You
Who Is the Man Emmanuel                 
Who Is Free to Remarry
Who is the “ELECT”
Who Is Your God                                   
Who Is To Be The Bride Of Yeshua?
Who Will Be Resurrected?
Why I do not follow the JEWS
Will Any Be Alive At the End of Our Age       
Will Judah and Israel go into Captivity Again
Will Our Works Save Us?
Women In The Church
Workings of the Holy Spirit

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